Setting pace for VOIP delivery
Take advantage of an enhanced IP data packet voice service while using traditional circuit-switched equipment.
Vonglobe is the leading electronic market for trading, routing and settling communications capacity. Through our exchange, members have access to communications capacity in every country in the world. Our exchange has achieved increased liquidity, as we have continued to add new members and experience growth in the number of minutes of wireline and wireless voice calls traded on our exchange through both traditional communications networks and voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, facilities.

Our mission is to provide the trading platform where virtually any digital good can be traded.

There are other programs running in our company:

Our Reseller Program has been created to enable partner companies to exploit the success of the VOIP Business along with us as we grow and expand into new markets.

We compensate you for each referred lead that deploys any of our Solutions. Taking advantage of our referral program Today.
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