Setting pace for VOIP delivery
Take advantage of an enhanced IP data packet voice service while using traditional circuit-switched equipment.
Vonglobe. is in a unique position to offer access to global markets, services, and intelligence,
With all of the world's largest international carriers in its Membership.
Access to New Revenue
Higher Gross Margins
Lower Cost Structure
Strategic Flexibility
Dynamic Least Cost Routing
Quality of Service Routing
Vonglobe. is the world's largest electronic marketplace for communications trading. The company has built a reputation for neutrality, financial stability and the most advanced systems in the industry. Several Members use the Vonglobe platform to reduce their cost of service, improve route quality and expand revenues by reaching new markets without extensive network build out.
Exchange voice & data
Trading voice helps carriers operate more efficiently and improve their bottom lines. Deregulation has caused carriers to compete on increasingly complex pricing structures for termination to breakout cities, mobile codes, fixed lines and by time-of-day. Shrinking margins have placed a greater importance on the need for skilled trading and better market information in order to survive.

Vonglobe developed thexchange, its proprietary technology platform, to automate and integrate all three steps of the trading process ensuring smooth, low cost transactions for Members.

Members buy and sell unites for voice and data.


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