Setting pace for VOIP delivery
Take advantage of an enhanced IP data packet voice service while using traditional circuit-switched equipment.
VoIP Business
Modeling & Analysis
Call streamlining for both voice and data, over a SIP-enabled IP network. Ability to design and deliver new applications quickly and cost-effectively.
Lower Cost &
Increased functionality
Streamlining of operations and expenditures for your nationwide voice service applications. Competitive pricing compared to traditional services.
VoIP Technology
Planning & Design
Real-time routing change control. Web-based routing and performance capabilities. VoIP operational experience and proven service quality over a private network.
Voice Termination
is a service that provides wholesale termination of voice calls. Voice Termination achieves comparable quality to the PSTN and requires no additional equipment, expenses, or behavior changes on the part of end users. Voice Termination is not a “Voice over the Internet” service. Rather, it is an enhanced voice service delivered over our IP-based broadband network.
Voice Origination
For businesses seeking a cost-effective and reliable toll free calling infrastructure to terminate calls made via 8xx numbers on the PSTN to IP endpoints, VoIP Toll Free is the solution. VoIP Toll Free is a new voice service that terminates calls originating on the PSTN — via toll free numbers — to Internet Protocol (IP) endpoints.
Residential Voice
is a VoIP solution that enables cable operators, inter-exchange carriers (IXCs), enhanced service providers, and other companies operating their own switching infrastructure to launch IP-based local and long-distance communications services with features like Directory Assistance and Operator Services to residential customers via any broadband connection.
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